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Compatible with Equator Frontier Pathfinder Xterra


In Stock


3.54,RECHECK///// 4.00L 4WD

Part Numbers38500EA300
Body ColorBLACK
SKU MO061285719898
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Warranty Terms

Midway Auto Parts standard and extended warranties are limited by the following terms:

  1. Keep your receipt! This is proof of purchase as well as showing the type of warranty purchased with your part.
  2. Warranties are not transferable! Only the individual or business which purchased the part may make a warranty claim.
  3. Warranties are for like parts only. Under no circumstances will a refund be given for a defective part if a like part can be provided by Midway Auto Parts or one of its vendors.
  4. If a customer purchases a replacement part before Midway Auto Parts has the opportunity to make good on the warranty, the warranty will be considered void and the customer forfeits their claim to a refund.
  5. Warranty starts on day of purchase.

     Claiming a Warranty: If you wish to make a claim under warranty.

  1. Notify Midway Auto Parts immediately in person or by calling our Warranty Department at 816.241.0500.
  2. Do not remove the part/assembly from the car or disassemble it. Doing so voids your warranty and releases Midway Auto Parts from all obligations.
  3. Allow Midway Auto Parts to inspect the vehicle, part and installation. This allows us the opportunity to determine the best course of action.
  4. Midway Auto Parts reserves the right to provide replacement parts and/or assemblies (as necessary) until all options are exhausted. Only then will a refund be considered.

Engines are guaranteed against engine knock, excessive smoke and oil consumption (>2 quarts per thousand miles), inadequate oil pressure, turned bearing and cracks in heads, block or pistons.  Oil/ fluid leaks, loose timing belts/chains and fuel components, tune-ups, water pumps, distributors and exhaust manifolds are not covered by this warranty.  Warranty is contingent upon oil and filter change at installation and every 3,000 miles thereafter.  Customer must provide proof of service to validate claim.  Overheating and/or improper installation will void all warranties.  NOTE: Excluded from this warranty are the fuel components, water pump, gaskets, all electrical parts, hoses, lines, intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel injector pumps, all other fuel injection parts and all other external parts.  Calibration and adjustment of excluded parts is also excluded from this warranty.

Transmissions are guaranteed to be in good working order.  Warranty covers slippage, shifting failures and/or bearing noise.  Shearing or breaking of teeth in a standard transmission is not warranted under any circumstance.  On automatic transmissions with overdrive warranty is void if transmission is not adjusted by an A.S.E certified mechanic prior to driving.  Improper installation will void all warranties. Customer must provide proof of service to validate claim.  It is highly recommended that all external seals be replaced.  Midway Auto Parts does not cover any external leaks on transmissions. ALL FILTERS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM TRANSMISSION AND NEED TO BE REPLACED ON INSTALLATION! All CVT transmissions need to be installed per manufactures guidelines.

Rear Axle Assemblies are guaranteed not to be noisy or have excessive axle wear.  Brake systems are not covered by this warranty.  Replacement of lubricating fluid is highly recommended.

Labor Warranty: Midway Auto Parts labor warranty covers labor charges up to $50 flat hour rate per hour, $800 maximum.  This is based on Mitchell Labor Time Guide.

Rental Coverage: With valid rental receipt rental will be covered up to $20 per day for the maximum duration of 5 days or $100 maximum claim.


  1. Incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to damage to or the cost of related parts, loss of income, travel expenses, loss of transportation, towing fees, diagnostic are not covered by this warranty.
  2. Parts installed in vehicles used for fleet or commercial purposes will be limited to 30,000 miles of coverage.
  3. Parts installed in vehicles for the use of racing or used off-roading are not covered by this warranty.
  4. Parts installed in vehicles with modifications, including but not limited to the installation of parts not originally intended for the vehicle by its manufacturers, are not covered by this warranty.
  5. This warrant does not cover damage or failure arising directly or indirectly from improper installation (not in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications) or related vehicle problems, misuse, maintenance, neglect, abuse, overheating, vandalism, abnormal operation, environmental conditions, accident or any damage which was apparent and not reported at the time of delivery.
  6. Injury or death to persons or damage or destruction of property.

Products repaired or replaced under warranty shall carry the remaining term of the original warranty or 90 days, whichever is longer.   All warranty claims must have proof of maintenance records per factory recommendations.

All other parts are guaranteed to be in good condition upon delivery.  If you feel you have a defective part please contact Midway Auto Parts immediately.

Returns and Exchanges

  1. You may return a part for refund or exchange within ninety (90) days from delivery date, provided that the part has not been installed and is returned in the same condition provided to you.
  2. To initiate a return or exchange, please contact your Midway Auto Parts representative at 816.241.0500 in order to obtain return authorization. Midway Auto Parts will then arrange for the return shipment of your part. Returns not authorized by Midway Auto Parts will not be accepted or refunded.
  3. Upon installation of your part within 90 days of delivery and request for a return or exchange are subject to Midway Auto Parts warranty policy and must be processed through our warranty department by calling 816.241.0500
  4. A restocking fee of 20% of the original sales price, not to exceed $300, may be applicable on returned or exchanged product. This fee will be waived if the return is due to Midway Auto Parts providing an incorrect or defective part.
  5. If a part is not needed or was ordered in error by the customer, then the customer is responsible for all freight charges.
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